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Perfect Face and Neck Contours today, tomorrow and up to 2 years  

Course Overview   

If you’re interested in learning different level consultation skills and full-face contouring injection strategies using our favorite biostimulating injectable, hyperdilute RADIESSE® (+) and take your results and profits to a different level, then this course is for you. Dr. Irene Gladstein will break down how to consult, evaluate, treatment plan any patient and then guide you on techniques for creating the most beautiful and long lasting, yet natural results. You will learn our proprietary gradient approach to full facial and neck contouring using hyperdilute RADIESSE (average utilization is 5 syringes in the face and 2 syringes in the neck) and Belotero® (+) (average utilization is 1-2 syringes per neck) well as advanced strategies on combining biostimulants and Xeomin® (average utilization 55-60 units in the face and 100 units in the neck) and soon be on your way to dramatically elevate both your clinical and sales games. In addition, there will be plenty of opportunity to learn nore about how to treatment plant for success and incorporate skin refinement using Salt Facial® and skin tightening using best skin tightening device in its class Ulthera®.

Live demonstrations and hands-on training under the supervision of our medical director, Dr. Irene Gladstein, and her highly skilled clinical instructors in a small group setting is in our beautiful training facility in the heart of Naples, FL.  

Sample Agenda:



Live Demo (Dr. Irene) 

Lunch/Ulthera/Salt Facial Educational Session 

Hands-On Training 

Certificates/Champagne Toast 

What to expect during the course: 

The purpose of this course is to open up your mind to new and advanced ways to analyze, evaluate, treatment plan and enhance your patients. Our approach is rooted in artistry, holistic approach and standardized clinical techniques. 

Our custom and proprietary content is a result of years of busy and highly successful clinical practice with multiple locations and associates.  Our Course is broken down into didactics, live demo and hands-on skills.   

Evaluation skills:  

We will talk about strategies and techniques for best patient examination and evaluation.  While we cover proportions and measurements, we will guide you on how to tap into your inner artist to create results your patients will be in awe from.  We will also review and deconstruct multiple clinical cases to get you comfortable reproducing our approach in your own clinic.    

Consultation skills:

We will learn our famous “LOVE” consultation algorithm and guide you on how to take your consultation skills to a different level.     

Treatment planning skills:

We will discuss creating treatment planning for best results, longevity and patient retention.  We will teach you how to avoid objections to your treatment plans and if you do, how to overcome those objections.    

Clinical Skills:

We will guide you every step of the way from which supplies to use for best outcomes to how to position your hand while injecting to how to recognize and manage complications. 

Business Skills:

We will tackle best ways of rolling our new products and services, pricing strategies and promotions, and organizing your offerings in a way that reduces competition.  

Live Demo: 

We will be gathering in amazing educational space filled with tons of natural light and lots of space to observe Dr. Irene create live magic using RestoreContour protocols.  Watch master guide you through the process A-to-Z and ask questions in the process. 

Hands-on break-out sessions: 

We will break up into small groups of 3-5 and work on live models.  Our models get carefully selected from the large pool of interested participants to have you get the best experience in the industry.  Have Dr. Irene and our expert instructors guide you along every step of the process and emerge confident and ready to schedule your own RestoreContour cases.   For those participants interested in improving their cannula technique, silicone models are available as well.   

Location: Naples, FL

Price: $5999 (including both didactic and hands-on component)


We have negotiated a special discount for our attendees at a beautiful The Capri Inn, a newly reimagined boutique hotel just two blocks from our training facility and a hip and a scop away from the excitement downtown Naples has to offer including white sand beaches and world class dining.   

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